We have been dealing with emergencies since 1979, and have taken all the guess work out of putting a bag together for you. When you need to be self reliant and not count on anyone else—this is the bag to go to! Keep it at home, the office and/or in the car.

  1. #1Rio Grand Backpack—Constructed of rugged tactical polyester. Key features include: Padded back panel with built-in ventilation channels, large main zippered compartment, 2 side zippered pouches. Padded hip belt, fully adjustable shoulder straps.
  2. #1Military Style Poncho—One size fits all, keep dry, use as a ground cover.
  3. #1First Aid Kit—The Day Tripper kit packages the premium features of the Mountain Series—like Dr Weiss's Comprehensive Guide, EZ Care organization, and hospital-quality supplies - in a compact size.
  4. #1Combat Survival Tin—This is an essential kit for survival in combat. Originally designed for the British SAS (Special Air Service). Tightly packed in a useful metal tin. Contents include compass, whistle, candle, fishing kit, waterproof survival instructions, 25 wind & waterproof matches, pencil, sewing kit, multi use flexible wire saw w/split rings (can be used as a bow saw or snare wire), water tablets, safety pins, fire lighting flint and striker and multifunctional knife w/fold out scissor.
  5. #1Camp Towel—Absorbs 10 times its weight of water. Wringing removes 92% making it instantly ready for re-use. Use as a towel, dishcloth, pot holder, wash cloth or emergency bandage.
  6. #1Survival Bag—Made of strong metalised materials which protects 90% of body heat. Provides emergency protection in all weathers. Prevents and assists treatment of hypothermia.
  7. #136 Hour Survival Candle—3 wicks allow variable heat and light. Matches included. Burning time is 36 hours using one wick at a time or 12 hours using all 3 at once.
  8. #1Folding Stove—Single burner folding stove for use with canned heat cooking fuel. Safe and compact.
  9. #12-Canned heat—For use with folding stove, or to start a fire in the rain.
  10. #1Stainless Steel Mirror—Use to see around corners, or to signal a rescue.
  11. #13-MREs—3 complete meals—includes entrée, dessert, beverage, condiments, etc. Amazing shelf life of 5–7 years depending on storage temperatures.
  12. #16-Purified Emergency Drinking Water Ration Packets—Purified and bacteria free water products specifically designed for emergency preparedness, first responders, and disaster victims. They are an efficient, safe, and effective solution to any contaminated water crisis.
  13. #1Canteen—1 Quart Canteen.
  14. #1Canteen Cup—GI style heavy guage aluminum, for cooking & boiling water.
  15. #1Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets—50 tablets. One tablet will disinfect approximately one quart of water.
  16. #1Spork—This Spork is not only a spoon and a fork, but it also is a knife. Machine washable. Teflon-friendly.
  17. #16-Energy bars—A bar designed to boost the physical performance of Soldiers.
  18. #1Full-size KaBar 1214 Combat Knife—The partially serrated blade and non-slip handle make this one of the most versatile and well made fixed blade knives on the market.
  19. #1Bandana—one of the most handy survival items that you can have in your kit or bag. Wear to keep your head warm or protect from hot sun, emergency bandage, soak in cold water and wear on your neck to keep cool, cleaning/drying, dust mask, filter water, cover food, and much, much more...
  20. #1Pepper Spray—Projects 8 to 10 Feet, Ballistic Stream Delivery—Reduces Wind Blow-Back.
  21. #1Mini Mag—Adjustable beam (spot to flood), candle mode, in a sleek compact design. Spare bulb included.
  22. #14-Light sticks—Great to use for emergency lighting. Each stick emits steady glow for about 12 hours.
  23. #1Survival Manual—US Military Survival Manual. 287 Pages.
  24. #112-Sani Wipes—Anti-bacterial Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes.
  25. #1Leatherman Kick—12 Tools in One: 420HC Clip Point Knife, Needlenose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Wire Cutters, Hard-wire Cutters, Wire Stripper, Small Screwdrive, Large Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, 8 in | 19 cm Rule. Comes with a Belt sheath.
  26. #16-Tent stakes—Light weight, plastic, perfect for lean-to and a thousand other uses.
  27. #1Radio—Solar powered manual wind up and rechargeable with side light. Exposing the radio to sun or incandescent light will automatically store the energy.
  28. #1Para cord—100’, there are a thousand uses for this cord, can even be pulled apart to make fishing line.
  29. #1Gloves—Protective gloves.
  30. #14-AA Batteries—Batteries, spares for mini-mag, radio.
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  31. Additional items to put in your bag: Gun, ammo, cash, tobacco, change of clothing, medications, (prescription and over the counter) condoms, and toiletries.

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